LaBoMaP High Speed Machining Topic 3 HSM

Topic 3: Precision machining and stability

Precision in machining involves several aspects.
We are working cutting stability, dynamics and surface reconstruction.

 LaBoMaP_center position milling  LaBoMaP_Reconstructed slot surface
Measured center position of mill cutter during slotting Reconstructed slot surface

In form machining, interference phenomena can affect the surface precision then we are developing generalized approach for correcting geometrical error during flank milling and in thread milling.
LaBoMaP_Interference in flank milling
Interference in flank milling of impeller

During the cutting process the surface quality is also affected by the burr formation and we are proposing modelling approach of such phenomenon on in PCD milling.
LaBoMaP_Burr formation
Burr formation in face milling of aluminium alloy