LaBoMaP High Speed Machining Topic 2 HSM

Topic 2: 5 axis milling & complex surface machining

Complex cutting technics and development of generalized approaches for 5 axis and thread milling:

  • Relation between cutting conditions, milling configurations and surface quality in 5 axis milling,
  • Complex milling strategies, such as 5 axis helical milling and plunge milling of internal shapes in titanium alloy.

LaBoMaP_helicoidal_milling LaBoMaP_tool_engagement
5 axis helical milling: trajectory, tool engagement and surface topography

Thread milling is a complex machining operation, and our work demonstrates several specificities like the inconstant cutting geometry, complex cut area, affecting the cutting process.

LaBoMaP_Thread milling
Thread milling: cutting geometry, cut thickness and effect on specific cutting energy.

Furthermore, precision aspects linked to interference phenomena are presented here.