LaBoMaP High Speed Machining Topic 1 HSM

Topic 1: HSM of difficult-to-cut materials

Research work in machining of difficult-to-cut materials includes several fundamental cutting aspects. The following fields are studied:

  • Experimental determination of the strain and strain-rate induced by the cutting process using high speed cameras and data image correlation (DIC) technique
  • Experimental measurement of the temperature distribution in machining operations (including in drilling), using specially designed equipments and setups
  • Numerical and analytical modeling of machining operations for forces, temperatures and surface integrity predictions
  • Effect of additives and cutting fluids, and cryogenic machining
  • Surface integrity and consequences in the functional performance and life of machined components (corrosion resistance,…)

LaBoMaP_cuttig set-up LaBoMaP_Deformed layer_Hard cutting

Fine instrumentation of orthogonal cutting of hardened steel using DIC and high speed camera: experimental set-up, deformed layer, cutting force resultant