LaBoMaP Materials and Surfaces Engineering Topic 1.1 MSE

Topic 1.1: PVD

This axis of the MSE team is focused on the improvement of surfaces by deposition of a new material with various properties by reactive Magnetron sputtering (PVD).
Learn how works sputtering.
  • The historical thematic is the improvement of cutting tools, for wood or metal. Consequently a large experience has been gained on nitrided coatings (binary, ternary and multilayers)
LaBoMaP_Coated tool
            cross section coating
                          Coating cross section

Coated wood machining tool       
  • The control of the process is a thematic based on experimental part and numerical one. Combining Simul3D or NASCAM (Prf. S. Lucas, UNamur) with SRIM (Prof. J. F. Ziegler, IBM) and SiMTRA (Prof. D. Depla, UGent) allows to simulate the whole PVD process.
  • LaBoMaP_simulation_PVD

    This thematic is developped in the Digital PVD process axis