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Published on October 24, 2022 Updated on April 18, 2024

PhD WMM Team

Thesis Topic

3D determination of wood fibre orientation for non-destructive characterisation of the mechanical performance of sawn timber
Modélisation 3D de l’angle des fibres de bois pour la caractérisation non-destructive des performances mécaniques des bois sciés


The mechanical properties of structural timber largely depend on the occurrence of knots and on fibre deviation in the vicinity of knots. In recent strength grading machines, lasers and cameras are used to detect surface characteristics such as the size and position of knots and local fibre orientation. Studies have shown how data from optical surface scanning can be used to model local wood properties and enable good prediction of boards' mechanical behaviour. Since laser scanning only gives reliable information about the fibre orientation in the plane of board surfaces, simple assumptions are usually made both regarding the out-of-plane fibre angle and the fibre orientation in the interior of boards. Unfortunately, there is few model and even less data to describe the fibre orientation around knots. The purpose of this PhD is therefore to produce this data, in order to calibrate and enhance current fibre deviation models, or fibre angle interpolation schemes, to improve sawn timber strength grading from optical surface scanning.

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1st of September 2022

Expected end

31th of August 2025