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Published on October 24, 2022 Updated on April 18, 2024


Thesis Topic

Analysis and Modelling of Diamond Tool Finish Machining - Application to Surface Integrity of Ceramic Matrix Composites for Aerospace Applications
Analyse et modélisation de l'usinage de finition à l'outil diamant - application à l'intégrité de surface des composites à matrice céramique pour application aéronautique


Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) materials are mostly used in the aerospace industry because of their capacity to withstand high-temperature. Long time reserved for military aviation, these materials appeared in civil aviation in 2017 with their use of LEAP engines. Since then, it has been considered to use them for other civil aircraft engine parts as an alternative to metallic solutions. The benefits of these materials are twofold: they increase engine temperatures and efficiency, while reducing the weight. Therefore, they should help to reduce the carbon footprint and the fuel consumption of future aircraft.
These new materials are becoming more mature in their applications, but their production on an industrial scale arises technological challenges. Indeed, the thermomechanical loadings induced by the diamond tools during the finishing cutting process creates damage that penalizes the part lifespan.
This work aims to study the machining of SiC/SiC CMCs by analysing the cutting mechanisms, the tool tribology and the interaction between the tool and the material in the case of electroplated diamond grinding wheel. The objective is to understand the phenomena involved in order to optimize the material and process parameters. The data collected will allow to increase the fatigue durability of the parts and the profitability of CMC parts.

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1st of November 2022

Expected end

1st of November 2025