LaBoMaP (LaBoratoire des Matériaux et Procédés), is a research lab EA 3633. Since 1993, this lab is involved in scientific and partnership research in the field of manufacturing processes, especially machining process by work material removal.

Our lab is structured with 4 teams:
  • HSM (High Speed Machining)
  • MSE (Materials and Surfaces Engineering)
  • WMM (Wood Material and Machining)
  • AMVALOR (Contractual Research) 
The lab develops activities largely based on scientific experimentation thanks to high tech facilities. The modeling of physical phenomena is also an important part of the researchers’ tasks.

The applied topics concern the whole industrial sectors, such as automotive, aeronautic, aerospace, nuclear, biomedical, watchmaking… where the relationships between materials and manufacturing process are of prime importance.

Careers / current vancancies