Casting Laboratory : Arts&Metiers - SAFE (CLAS)

Project accepted for funding by the French National Research Agency's (ANR)
Call for Proposals 2021 (LabCom)



CLAS is a laboratory that involves the steel foundries group Safe Metal and ENSAM Cluny research laboratory (LaBoMaP) to develop advanced research on steel castings. Based on more than 7 years of collaboration, this joint laboratory will establish a Research Center specifically dedicated to the foundry of casted steels able to face the challenges of foundry innovation. The ambition of LabCom CLAS is, on the first hand, to allow Safe Metal to position itself as a key specialist in cast steel at global level, towards the main customers who are generally groups of global size and also towards consumables suppliers or business software publishers. On the other hand, Labcom CLAS should allow LaBoMaP to strengthen its skills in the field of foundry and thus become a major player in national research on this theme. In the long term, the laboratory will become a platform able of carrying out collaborative studies that will interest this whole industrial sector and which could also be opened to other foundry professionals (CTIF, steel founders not in direct competition, etc.).

The main research axes of CLAS will be:
  • Metallurgical innovation through Alloying in Mould that aims to develop multifunctional materials or materials with composition gradients, directly in the mould, to adapt the material specifically to each type of part (Axis 1).
  • Control of mould filling and mould-metal interactions through the design and production of an instrumented tool specifically developed for steel casting. This ambitious axis aims to take into account the complex interactions between the mould and liquid steel and to have a way of investigating the phenomena that occur while filling at high temperature (Axis 2).
  • Control of the microstructure through heat treatment, to adapt it to the new materials created, especially in the first axis, and to take better into account the specificities of a casted steel (Axis 3).


Project Coordinators:
Philippe JACQUET, Full Professor at ECAM Lasalle Lyon, LaBoMaP, Arts et Métiers
Jean-François CARTON, Ing. Dr. at SAFE Metal Group, SAFE Metal - Feurs

Project Partners:
Corinne NOUVEAU, Associate Professor at Arts et Métiers, LaBoMaP
Cécile NICOLI, Ing. Dr. at SAFE Metal Group, SAFE Metal - Feurs
Alexis VAUCHERET, Associate Professor at ECAM Lasalle Lyon, LaBoMaP, Arts et Métiers
An engineer to hire (4 years)

Interns, PhD students and Post-doctoral researcher (planned):

  • 1 PhD, September 2022 - September 2025
  • Postdoctoral training, September 2022 – September 2023
  • 3 Master of Science
  • 6 R&D projects with engineer students





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