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Published on September 20, 2023 Updated on April 18, 2024


Thesis Topic

Study and modeling of high-feed 5-axis turn-milling operations using a generalized approach
Etude et modélisation des opérations de tournage-fraisage à grande avance en 5 axes selon une approche généralisée


The subject of this PhD thesis concerns the production of high-value parts in industries such as aerospace or energy. The complex geometries of the machined parts, the need to remove material to the closest possible tolerance, the use of refractory alloys, and the high cost of machining are some of the difficulties associated with the manufacturing process of those parts. The use of multi-axis machine tools is necessary to obtain the finished shapes, and turn-milling is becoming more and more utilized in the industry due to the complexity of the parts and the growing capabilities of the mill-turn machines.
The objective of this PhD is to master the turn-milling process in a high-feed machining context. The scientific approach will address the mechanical and kinematic behavior and engagement conditions during 5-axis high feed turning and milling movements. Surface quality will also be studied to assess the efficiency of these complex high-performance milling strategies for tools with specific geometries intended for refractory materials. The use of a generalized model should enable the understanding of the phenomena at play and define the choice of numerous parameters associated with these machining operations to master and optimize the high feed mill-turn technique.
In general, few research studies focus on milling technologies and to date, no thesis in France or Europe (except perhaps in Germany) has been conducted about turn-milling or high-feed machining. However, there are multiple scientific and technical issues, and several barriers pose methodological challenges. Knowing how to address them will be a step towards generalized and unified approaches contributing to a more thorough mastery of milling techniques through their modeling.

Doctoral advisors





  • CDSN (contrats doctoraux spécifiques aux normaliens)


1st of September 2023

Expected end

31th of August 2026