Digital PVD process

Leaded by Aurélien BESNARD, this thematic combine the PVD research topic (experimentations and simulations) with the Digital Engineering topic of the LISPEN.

The research goes in several direction, all related to one idea: the control on the PVD process.
One can found:
  • 2017-2021: Second year Arts et Metiers student projects (M1 level): since four academic years, Aurélien BESNARD and Ruding LOU supervise student groups working on a Virtual Reality application for PVD deposition. See more here.
  • A MTI3D M2 internship with Neyco on a PVD Chamber design tool.  Master Student: Mohamed Ali SANAA. Academic supervisors: Aurélien BESNARD and Florence DANGLADE. See more here.
  • June to december 2020: a Master thesis (Student Noé WATIEZ) in collabotation with PRIMEO (joint Laboratory between the P' Institute and SAFRAN Electronics and Defense).
    The aim of the project is to reproduce numerically (with SRIM, SIMTRA and NASCAM) the experimental work already published by PRIMEO.
    The flux analyser software FLANBY developped by Benjamin ROUX under the guidance of Aurélien  BESNARD is used.
  • 2020-2021:  two MTI3D M1 projects supervised by Aurélien BESNARD and Ruding LOU concerning a CAD tool for SIMTRA. Demo
  • In partnership with the LARN (UNamur) and Innovative Coating Solutions (ICS) the M-Era. Net project VISCO is proposed for funding. 
  • 2021-2022: A MTI3D M2 project supervised by Aurélien BESNARD and Ruding LOU concerning an immersive application for surface analyses. See more about LEVELNESS here.
  • 2021-2022: A MTI3D M1 project supervised by Aurélien BESNARD and Ruding LOU concerning an augmented reality application for vaccum chamber design. See more bout CARA here


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