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BOIVIN Juliette

Published on October 21, 2022 Updated on April 18, 2024

PhD WMM Team

Thesis Topic

Determining wood properties by light interaction
Détermination des propriétés du bois par interaction lumineuse – interprétation, mesure et identification des mécanismes et des paramètres d’influence


Wood is an indispensable material in the current context of sustainable development and reducing our carbon footprint. One of its peculiarities lies in its complex and heterogeneous multi-scale structure, resulting from the adaptive and singular growth of a tree in its environment. Like any living-derived resource, its natural variability is significant and represents a crucial challenge in its utilization as a construction, packaging, or interior/exterior design material. One of the main wood processing methods is peeling, which transforms logs into veneer sheets. These veneers are then assembled by bonding into engineered products (e.g., laminated veneer lumber, plywood). The selection of veneers to optimize their use is a key step. It relies on determining veneer properties (density, knotting, color, modulus of elasticity, moisture content, fiber angles, etc.) to optimize both the manufacturing process and the final product. The thesis aims to determine the properties of wood material based on the particular interaction of light with fibrous matter. An experimental protocol (wood species effect, moisture content, wavelength, etc.) will be established for optimal exploitation of measurements on veneers. A demonstrator for local property measurement will be developed based on these experiments, drawing on the complementary skills and technical platforms of the two involved laboratories. LaBoMaP has a fully instrumented peeling line, and FEMTO-ST has several optical devices to select the most suitable technologies and wavelengths to meet the objectives of this thesis.

Doctoral advisors






1st of October 2021

Expected end

1st of October 2024