J. Merzouki: PhD Abstract

Analysis and Optimization of the Cryogenic Assistance Effects on the Drilling of Hybrid Stacks.

The aim is to analyze and understand the cryogenic assistance effects on the drilling of hybrid stacks (Ti6Al4V/CFRP) in order to ultimately optimize these effects. The Ti6Al4V alloy and the CFRP will first be studied independently in order to uncouple the effects in each material.

The understanding of the physical phenomena at cryogenic temperatures requires:
  • The evaluation of mechanical properties linked to the machining process (hardness, fracture toughness, etc.)
  • The analysis of tribological behavior for both materials (especially the flux distribution between the chip, the tool and the workpiece)
  • The analysis of tool damage mechanisms.
The input of cryogenic assistance will be measured through the analysis of cutting forces, temperatures, tool life and through the control of holes characteristics with respect to the aeronautic specifications (surface roughness, dimensions, etc.).